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The Soulful Leadership Accredited Consultant Service (ACS) by Appleton Greene & Co Global. This service is available within the following locations: San Francisco; New York; London; and Washington DC. It is also available within the following industry sectors: Technology; Healthcare; Banking & Financial Services; and Education.

Developing and nurturing leaders and leadership is paramount for organizations for several reasons. Two stand out – survival and prosperity. The quality and effectiveness of leadership significantly determines whether organizations will have a future, and whether that future will be more prosperous than the present. As leaders plot and chart a course to these more prosperous tomorrows, they are tested, and tested repeatedly. The challenges leaders face in the pursuit of survival, growth, and market leadership test the brilliance and smartness of their minds – their knowledge, their technical and managerial skills and competencies. But they also test something more enduring and fundamental to leadership success – they test leaders’ souls; the wisdom, humanity, and judgment leaders bring to their roles. Traditional leadership training focuses on making leaders smarter, thereby making them more adept at meeting the first type of challenge. But it bypasses the inner, more vital aspect of leaders’ humanity and character, aspects which ultimately have a greater bearing on the survival of prosperity of organizations. It is this hole that this program on “Soulful Leadership” is designed to fill. – Appleton Greene & Co Global

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Appleton Greene & Co Global – Soulful Leadership is defined as: “Purposeful leadership journeys that are guided by an inner awakening for increasing the ongoing prosperity and wellbeing of all – the organization, people (employees, customers, communities and cultures), and the planet (health and resources), not just the leaders.” It is indispensable in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world. VUCA events and challenges rarely show up as “either-or” choices; “right vs. wrong” decisions. Instead, they invariably show up as “and” decisions, demanding leaders choose between “right and right.” Today’s leaders, for example, can’t just be idealists or realists; they have to possess the capacity for both and know when to be what. Short-term thinking is not always bad, and long-term thinking is not always good, leaders have to decide when to engage in short-term thinking and when to engage in long-term thinking. Additionally, the choice is not between empower or control, the challenge is when to empower and when to control; when to negotiate when to dictate; when to take a stand and when to straddle fences.

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Appleton Greene & Co Global – In such an environment, what is vital and critical to help leaders keep moving forward, help them maintain their and their organization’s forward momentum, is an inner awakening, which connects them with their own humanity – who they are, what they really stand for, what they are willing to fight for – so they can make smarter and wiser choices. This program on Soulful Leadership is “unique,” because it relies on the world’s great literatures, notably immortal poems, novels, and stories, to act as a mirror in which program attendees can see themselves and learn more about themselves and their own humanity. They can then embrace what they think is working well for them and change what isn’t. An effort that will certainly result in more meaningful work, a more engaged workforce, and a more satisfied workplace.

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Service Methodology

Appleton Greene & Co Global – This comprises 4 distinct steps.

Appleton Greene & Co Global – The first step is a pre-consulting client engagement with key company executives to understand the key focus of leadership training and development delivered in the past, and being currently delivered. The focus of this step is to understand history, momentum, recipient satisfaction with the training received, and company aspirations in terms of fostering and nurturing current and future leaders. This step will also assess company culture and values to assess factors likely to enable, or inhibit, the delivery of the Soulful Leadership program.

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Appleton Greene & Co Global – The second step will use inputs from step 1, and will establish a solid foundation for understanding the dynamics and DNA of Soulful Leadership. This foundation will be culled from four areas vital for soulful leadership. First, aspects of the leader as a person. Next, how the leader thinks and views the world. Third, on how the leader acts, decides, and chooses. And lastly, how leaders relate to the world that exists beyond their own world – people, communities, and the planet. The purpose here is to hold up a mirror to the attendees, so they can look within, and connect with their own humanity – who they are, what they stand for, what they are willing to fight for. A deeper and more vibrant understanding of one’s own humanity is vital for leaders to transition from a mindset that overvalues “smart thinking,” to a mindset that also values “inner wisdom,” so leaders are more aware of the consequences of their own decision making – who wins, who loses; who is sacrificed for attaining leadership goals and who is not. This foundation will be laid with the help of world’s great literatures, notably immortal poems, novels, and stories, so that program attendees can perceive themselves in ways they haven’t before.

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Appleton Greene & Co Global – In the third step, participants will use a “plus-delta” framework for reflecting on, and applying the Soulful Leadership concepts and ideas discussed in step 2. The goal is to help attendees become more aware of their own equation with Soulful Leadership, so they can begin striving to become more effective soulful leaders. The “plus” effort will identify areas in which attendees perceive themselves as effective, or capable, soulful leaders, and will focus on how they can become even better. The “delta” effort will help attendees think about ways in which they can become more effective soulful leaders. Initially, attendees will work on this framework individually. This will be followed by brainstorming and group discussion.

Appleton Greene & Co Global – The fourth step will focus on cultivating an organization-wide environment and culture friendly to soulful leadership, and capable of sustaining it. Attendees will use a three step framework – think about it, talk about it, act on it – to brainstorm ways in which the ideas and practice of soulful leadership can be disseminated and practiced throughout the organization.

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Service Mission

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Billions of dollars are spent globally on leadership training and development, with the US alone spending between $14 to $50 billion annually. Regrettably, these enormous investments have not resulted in glittering gains. News of leadership crises and failures involving high profile global giants like Wells Fargo, VW, and BP routinely flood the news. Within organizations the news is no better. Trust and confidence in leaders and leadership is at an all time low, and employee dissatisfaction and lack of engagement with work and the work place is at an all time high. Words like “soulless” and “dehumanizing” are used frequently by employees around the world to describe their organizations and work environment.

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Difficult times demand fresh approaches, new narratives tailored to the circumstances surrounding us. This program on “Soulful Leadership” is a new narrative on leadership. It leads us away from a narrow descriptive focus on what leadership is, to a wider and broader focus on what leaders and leadership should stand for – a platform for increasing the wellbeing and prosperity of the greater many, not just a privileged few. It advocates focusing on the inner aspects of leaders, and learning from new teachers who have the ability to bring leaders face-to-face with their own humanity – who they are, what they stand for, and what they are willing to fight for. Because the greatest asset of leaders is not just the brilliance of their minds, but the wisdom of their souls – what’s within leaders that guides what’s in their minds.

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Appleton Greene & Co Global – Dr. Bhalla is an experienced leadership, marketing, innovation, and strategy professional with over thirty years of global experience as a multinational corporate executive, business consultant, entrepreneur, academic, and executive education specialist. During his professional tenure he has worked with companies in over thirty different countries on five different continents. His rich and varied experience working with diverse functional groups within companies operating in diverse cultures coupled with his academic and commercial credentials is a powerful asset in enabling companies innovate and implement new leadership narratives. Known as a thinker-doer, he inspires clients to adapt and improvise by listening, engaging, and responding differently to their internal and external environments than they have in the past. He uses a variety of facilitation, consulting, teaching and coaching approaches in his programs. With his passion for application of cutting edge knowledge to real life decision making, he knows how to encourage clients to ask and solve the right questions that have the potential of enhancing their future well being and prosperity.

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Dr Bhalla Ph.D. MBA BA is an Accredited Senior Consultant (ASC) at Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Dr Bhalla is an approved Senior Consultant at Appleton Greene and he has experience in marketing, management and globalization. He has achieved a Doctor of Philosophy, a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts. He has industry experience within the following sectors: Technology; Healthcare; Banking & Financial Services; Education and Entertainment. He has had commercial experience within the following countries: United States of America; India; Singapore; Germany and South Africa, or more specifically within the following cities: Washington DC; New York NY; San Francisco CA; Singapore and Johannesburg. His personal achievements include: facilitated customer-centric transformation; initiated soulful leadership practices; championed customer value innovation; launched strategic consulting services center and led high-performance global teams. His service skills incorporate: value innovation; soulful leadership; customer experience; strategic branding and co-creating innovation.

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20 Consulting Service Examples

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There are currently some 650 Accredited Consulting Services (ACS) provided by Appleton Greene worldwide. Here are 20 examples.

01. Business Administration
02. Business Development
03. Business Optimization
04. Crisis Management
05. Customer Development
06. Energy Management
07. Entrepreneurial Leadership
08. Investment Consulting
09. Marketing Optimization
10. Marketing Transformation
11. Process Excellence
12. Product Management
13. Risk Analysis
14. Soulful Leadership
15. Sustainable Development
16. Transitional Growth
17. Value Innovation
18. Retirement Planning
19. Change Strategy
20. Product Lifecycle

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